The KLFMH3 was founded in 1992, in rather bizarre circumstances, because the
founder – Chuck ‘Titanic’ Pollock – was just travelling through Kuala Lumpur en
route to the Phuket Interhash. He liked the hash scene in Kuala Lumpur so much
that, after the Interhash, he decided to stay put in KL, and began running with
local hashes. Hailing from the 1st UK Full Moon Hash, he soon announced
the starting of a mixed (Men and Women) KLFM chapter that runs on the actual
full moon day. Whenever possible, this upstart club piggy-backed on a local chapter
that runs on that particular day. For all intent and purposes, the birth of the
KLFMH3 was delivered rather out of wedlock, since Titanic was still only a transient.

Tragically, Titanic passed away on March 4, 2002 leaving behind a lasting legacy
in his decade-long sojourn in KL. Upon his passing, he was also credited with the
founding of another hash chapter far from our shores – that of the Titanic Memorial
FMH3 in the States, rendering him the only posthumous founder of a hash chapter,
albeit metaphorically speaking!

The earlier years were rather low key and uneventful, but it gained momentum
in the mid-nineties when a few very colourful characters and party animals harkened
to the wolves’ calls. The core of this instrumental casts comprised the effervescent
Charlie’Dynamite’ Chandran, the voluminous hash-bard Opera Cheong, the steady
steer Ted Quirk, guitar-toting Uncle Freddy, the indefatigable Patrick Coyle, and our
own bevy of bubbly beauties in Irene Crowley, Rema Paul, and Jean Tee. Adding
to the impetus was switching the runs from actual full moon days to the nearest Sundays.
The now iconic huge wolf with its blazing green - or at times, red – eyes on black
background was adopted, and it proved immensely popular and was much sought-after,
garnering a large following for its runs. Every effort was made to appeal to the hash
masses, and lots of runs culminated with on-site disco with the full blare of the
music machines and disco lights, quite often literally in the middle of the jungle
or plantations. Throughout these mid-nineties to the early Y2K years, crowds upwards
of 150 to 200 were the norms. From the year 2000, the club also started an annual
Joint Run with Songkhla Hash, becoming the first Malaysian chapter that does actual
joint runs with a Thai chapter on a regular basis.

Among the notable events, the KLFMH3 initiated the annual Christmas Run, the
Triangular Run (comprising the KLFMH3, KL Harriettes, and Batu Hash), the celestial
Blue Moon Run, Sun Set On The Empire Run, etc. However, the 2 events that really
set it apart are its signature events – the KLFMH3 Pub Crawl, and the Ball Breaker
Run, both of which have now been copied far and wide by other hashers which,
understandably, reduces the aura of specialness that these events used to cast upon
the adherents. Finishers of the Ball Breaker were held in such high esteem that, for
years, members of the Motherhash – which imposes a very strict Motherhash’s shirts
only on their Monday runs - could don the Ball Breaker Finisher shirts! For the record,
the popularity of the Backyard Pub in Sri Hartamas as a joint with great live music and
free-for-all dance-along came about in catering to our exact request on our Pub Crawl
Run final stop in 2001. As a consequence, the pub which was doing mediocre business
till then, in recognition of our direct contribution to its success, grants all hashers in
hash attire happy-hours’ pricing all-night long, every day of the week!

In the face of the mushrooming of hash clubs in the Klang Valley, the KLFMH3 has
changed its subscription rules to make it more attendance-friendly, eliminating the
more stringent full-quarter or full-year sub, to pay-as-you-come basis, with a small
annual commitment fee.
KL Full Moon still runs on the Sunday closest to the Full Moon (Usually). Come join us!


.......................................................KL Full Moon Committees From Inception To 1998...................................................

.............................Ted Quirk & Patrick Coyle KL Full Moon Christmas Run 1994.................................

.................Ted Quirk, Dennis Khoo & Charlie Chandran KL Full Moon Triangular Run 1997.................